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The 7 rudest things Bama did to Tennessee, and 25 more college football things to know

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Tennessee’s gimmick this year has been falling behind early, then surging to victory. The Vols fell behind by double digits in their first five games, winning all five, and nearly overcame another such deficit at Texas A&M.

Alabama didn’t play that. The Tide recorded the biggest victory in the annual rivalry since 1906’s 51-0 Bama victory, walking out of Knoxville with a 49-10 win, their 10th straight in the series.

The Vols entered the game banged-up and only became even more so as the onslaught progressed, losing three different offensive linemen at various points. That’s important, but I don’t think there’s any combination of physical statuses that would’ve changed Bama’s W into an L.

Undefeated Texas A&M comes to Tuscaloosa next weekend. Win that, and it’s time to start peering down the road and wondering whether this might become Nick Saban’s best team ever. Simple as that.

Now to tally Bama’s parade of rival humiliation.

1. The raw numbers: outgained the Vols 594 to 163, ran for 8.9 yards a carry on 49 attempts, allowed only one yard per carry, held Josh Dobbs to all of 61 post-sack yards, never led by less than a touchdown ... and did all this despite losing the turnover battle (two to one) and UT having only one penalty.

2. Freshman QB Jalen Hurts, the guy the SEC’s gonna have to deal with for at least two more entire years, put up 275 total yards and three rushing touchdowns. Those were capped by this one, when he stared down the camera like Dave Chappelle’s Prince.

CBS and @SBNationGIF

3. Bama scored its 10th and 11th non-offensive touchdowns of the year. South Carolina’s offense has nine touchdowns this year.

4. After Bo Scarbrough scored a late TD to make it about one million to 10, he threw his hand directly into a Tennessee fan’s face. The fan later wished he’d given the Bama RB a high five.


5. Former UT coach Lane Kiffin, who has a long history of tweaking the Vols, sent one UT fan home with a souvenir. (This is sort of a nice thing to do, but in the context of a bitter rivalry made even more bitter by Kiffin’s previous stint in Knoxville, I’m filing it here.)

6. After the trampling:

He probably didn’t mean it like that, but ...

... it’s not super easy to think Tennessee’s "really good" right now.

7. Some players went back out onto the field to enjoy the Third Saturday in October rivalry’s traditional victory cigars on Tennessee’s field. Per a since-deleted Twitter video by WR Calvin Ridley, they stayed until they were shooed away by stadium security. (That’s fine. It’s been Bama’s secondary facility for a decade now.)

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Bonus: Played "Rammer Jammer." Yes, they always do that, but it's so rude when "WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUTTA YOU" is almost an undersell.

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  1. No. 2 Ohio State and No. 8 Wisconsin delivered an overtime classic, with the Buckeyes pulling off a bold call in OT to survive.
  2. Same story, pretty much, for No. 3 Clemson beating NC State.
  3. The internet yet again got mad about Clemson fans storming the field. They do that every week, y'all.
  4. One Clemson big man was absolutely everywhere and has now played DE, DT, RB, and WR and blocked a kick while his team was watching for the fake anyway.
  5. Back to OSU, though, where Urban Meyer got penalized for getting slapped in the face, and it was the right call.
  6. GLORIOUS: Army tried a fake punt on fourth-and-44. Tried.
  7. No. 10 Nebraska held off the weekly furious Indiana effort is 6-0 for the first time in 15 years. Whoa.
  8. For the second year in a row, No. 22 Arkansas beat No. 12 Ole Miss thanks to a ball flying backward on a fourth-and-long.
  9. No. 13 Houston got away with about four g l a r i n g penalties on the second-to-last play against Tulsa, escaping with the W.
  10. Georgia lost to Vanderbilt after revealing the play it was gonna run, waiting through a timeout, and then calling that same play.
  11. Two weeks in a row, ESPN's cameras found the same No. 16 Miami Hurricanes fan looking sad late in a loss. Some have nicknamed her after a Game of Thrones character, but I can't comment on that program.
  12. Syracuse knocked off No. 17 Virginia Tech. Watch this victory speech by Dino Babers, then suplex all adversity in your daily life.
  13. Hey, uh, No. 20 West Virginia is 5-0 and just shut down Texas Tech's offense in Lubbock.
  14. Akron dissed No. 24 Western Michigan's ROW THE BOAT thing by destroying a boat oar on the field. Akron, in turn, got destroyed.
  15. Texas A&M QB Trevor Knight went back to Oklahoma in OU gear to root for his brother.
  16. Stanford won in South Bend, but we're here to talk about a field goal bouncing off the TOP of a goalpost.
  17. Texas gave up way fewer than 50 points and scored points on Iowa State!
  18. USC annihilated an Arizona team that ... hmm, say something nice ... oh, I know! Took Washington to overtime! The Trojans have bounced back from an early slump, which, scarily enough, just makes Bama look even better.
  19. If you looked away from the Southern Miss-LSU game after a slow first half, you missed the Tigers' 28-0 final run.
  20. Washington State has now beaten Oregon, Stanford, and UCLA. The Apple Cup will be important this year. I'm still not prepared for this.
  21. South Dakota State knocked off North Dakota State with final-seconds TD, claiming a rock trophy (it's a rock trophy) and gaining a transitive win over Iowa.
  22. These Rutgers bloopers look identical, but this same thing happened on two different fourth-down attempts.
  23. Well, here are some weird Purdue plays you can look at.
  24. Wisconsin's College GameDay signs were all about Ken Bone, the new Harambe.
  25. Michigan was off, so what was Jim Harbaugh doing during all this? Getting attention by announcing a homecoming queen at one high school and working in the chain gang at another.