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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Just imagine Alabama when Jalen Hurts isn’t playing like a freshman

Hurts still very much looks like a freshman at times, and Alabama is absolutely destroying good teams.

Alabama v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s your weekly Sunday PAPN, replete with a rundown of the latest S&P+ top 25. That means discussing...

  • West Virginia looking spectacular in Lubbock.
  • USC again looking spectacular and further annoying us, and Colorado smoking Arizona State.
  • Nebraska getting an inefficient, semi-sloppy, and awesome win at Indiana.
  • The shine coming off in Houston.
  • Young quarterbacks being young quarterbacks.
  • Godfrey’s gonna lose his chicken bet.
  • Oklahoma’s offense is ridiculously good.
  • Ole Miss and Arkansas should play 2-3 times per year.
  • Ed Orgerson allegedly went Old School Ed at halftime last night.
  • Louisville survived. Clemson survived. Ohio State survived. This was a hard week...
  • ...for good teams not named Alabama. Holy smokes. Jalen Hurts is still making quite a few freshman mistakes, and the Crimson Tide are a killing machine anyway.

See you on Wednesday.