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The Solid Verbal: Previewing a Week 8 that could get ugly

In so many different ways!

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Let's take a look at Week 8 and address the following questions:

• Alabama's favored by... how many? Against a really good Texas A&M team? Wait, what?

• Is Auburn good enough to warrant being favored by double digits against an Arkansas team showing some life?

• How can Trace McSorley and Penn State keep it close against Ohio State?

• What matchup is particularly lopsided in the Ole Miss-LSU game?

• Are we overreacting to both West Virginia and how good they looked last week and Texas Tech and how lost they looked?

• What big strengths to both Utah and UCLA have and how will it affect the back and forth nature of their matchups?

• What does Ty have against Kenny Hill?

• Will either Iowa or Wisconsin succeed in a Quest for 20?

• Is there something to be worried about with a post-Duke Louisville ahead of their matchup against a pretty good NC State?

...and much more, including a super secret surprise segment!