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The Solid Verbal: Week 5 was nonstop madness, let's make sense of it

Ok, you can now breathe.

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Now that the dust has cleared, let's attempt to answer the following questions:

• What did Clemson do to survive Louisville's Lamar Jackson show?

• Where is the confidence and the concern after Michigan's close win over Wisconsin?

• What allowed for Texas A&M to weather a sloppy win over South Carolina?

• What? How? When? Where? ...and other end of Georgia-Tennessee questions

• What's wrong with the Florida State defense, or really, what's been so right about the North Carolina offense?

• Why is Ty concerned about Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer?

• What and who led Washington's enormous home win over Stanford?

• Behind what did LSU dominate Missouri under interim coach Ed Orgeron?

• Why should the ACC start to fear a new-look Miami after their win at Georgia Tech?

• Where is the Penn State optimism?

• What was behind USC's big win at home hosting Arizona State?

• What was the difference between the halves in UCLA-Arizona?

• Oregon? Hello? Anyone there? What?

...and more!!