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South Carolina students form impressively long towel chain instead of watching football

When your team’s this boring ya gotta do something.

Watching South Carolina football is not the most engaging way to spend a Saturday, and we understand that. We’re proud of the Gamecocks student body for using some ingenuity to jazz up the proceedings.

The towels are set out before the game in one of the end zones for students to wave. When they get going during the Williams-Brice stadium staple Sandstorm it looks really cool.

The students may want to pay attention as the game continues, however. UMass gave another SEC team a scare earlier this season losing to Mississippi State at home by only eight points. The Gamecocks are far from dominating this season with an offense that’s stagnant at best. So far in Year 1 of Will Muschamp, the team looks a lot like his Florida squads on offense. Perhaps a bigger issue is they aren’t nearly as good as Muschamp’s UF teams on the defensive side of the ball.

If the team gets tired from putting in a hard day’s work today, they can certainly ask to borrow a towel for their fellow students. They’ve got plenty to loan.