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It’s not every day you see a *quarterback* start a sideline shoving match

Syracuse innovates.

Syracuse-Boston College isn’t the nation’s hottest rivalry, but it does have some history to it. The two ACC teams were both in the Big East, a- HEY SHUT UP, WE’RE TRYING TO WATCH A QUARTERBACK START A BRAWL ON AN OPENING DRIVE.

That’s BC’s William Harris picking off a pass by Cuse’s Eric Dungey, then later getting hurled out of bounds a little forcefully by the QB, who then got ran into by another defender, Matt Milano, and shoved that dude over as well. At least one of those vigorous takedowns led to a flag on Dungey, and also to some shoving and jawing on the Orange’s sideline.

(Dungey’s known for being pretty fearless out there.)

A bunch of other stuff happened, too, which the refs spent more than a minute sorting out after hostilities had concluded.

That free yardage ended up resulting in a field goal for BC, a rare score for the Eagles.

As ESPN’s commentators noted, some BC players left their own sideline, which the ACC will surely review later this week for potential discipline.

Credit to everyone involved for ending this fracas without any major escalations, beyond the scrum.

(Also, credit to Dungey for fighting off the block and driving Harris out of bounds. Just chill on the actual tackle next time.)