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This Northwestern safety had no choice but to only use one hand for this amazing INT

He had no choice but to make a one-handed catch here.

Northwestern safety Kyle Queiro pulled off a one-handed, falling, over-the-head interception against Indiana on Saturday, and it would’ve been just about impossible for him to involve his other hand here, as it was taped up into a club.


In case you missed it:

I can’t find any information on what was wrong with his left hand, but apparently he didn’t need it.

This looks a little bit like what Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis did a few weeks ago, but Lewis had an extra hand sitting around, just waiting to be used.


Also, I’m not exactly sure what his last tweet before kickoff was in reference to, but ...

... this was his first pick of the season. So if this was a football thing, he saw this one coming.