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Alabama defender delivers a sack so big it looks like a WWE move


We know the low man wins in football, but perhaps this is too low when trying to block.

Jonathan Allen is no stranger to insane athleticism. He rumbled, bumbled and stumbled for a 75-yard TD against Ole Miss.

The thing is, on this play A&M couldn’t block Allen high or low. At the snap of the ball, Allen gets out of his stance and uses the club/swim move to get around offensive lineman Colton Prater. Prater tries to engage Allen the conventional way but Allen simply rebuffs that with reckless abandon.

From there, running back Trayveon Williams tries to dive at Allen’s legs for some sort cut block, but Allen doesn’t have much time for that. He splits the difference between him and Trevor Knight by just diving over Williams. But, where have we seen such a thing before?

For the wrestling illiterate, that’s Leati Anoaʻi, better known by his stage name Roman Reigns. Anoa’i played defensive tackle as well for Georgia Tech in the early 2000s.

If the NFL doesn’t work out for Allen like it didn’t for Reigns, his athleticism shows professional wrestling might be the right move after leaving Alabama.