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Jim Harbaugh had Michigan run a fake punt with a 34-0 lead in the 4th quarter

It didn't work, but that's not the point.

Michigan predictably dominated Illinois on Saturday. Two weeks after delivering a world-class beatdown to Rutgers, the Wolverines jumped all the way to a 34-0 lead in the fourth quarter against the Illini. The game was over quickly, and it ended 41-8.

But that didn’t stop Jim Harbaugh from doing a very Jim Harbaugh thing. Up by five touchdowns in the fourth quarter, the Michigan coach called for a fake punt, content to shovel as much dirt as possible on Illinois’ grave.

The call didn't work. It was apparently a designed direct snap, but the recipient didn't catch the ball, and Michigan got stacked up shy of the marker and gave the ball away. It might not have worked even if it had come off cleanly.

But that's irrelevant, given Michigan's huge margin.

Harbaugh is not a merciful football coach. He’s now tried two-point conversions with a four-score lead on Rutgers two years in a row, and he demonstrably has zero problem running up the score against anybody – Big Ten bottom-dweller or not.

A few minutes later: