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Lineman Jonathan Allen has now scored 2 of Bama's 12 non-offensive touchdowns

Just look at the big man go.

Jonathan Allen has done it again.

This 31-yard fumble recovery TD is his second touchdown this season and extends a wild string of non-offensive TDs by Alabama’s defense. The Tide now have 10 straight games in which they have scored a non-offensive touchdown, dating back to last season.

You notice that little hurdle at the end too? Well we already told you about the man’s athleticism. In this very same game, he flew.

His touchdown earlier this season was just as athletic as this one, and he celebrated it with a dang championship belt.

At this point, Allen is a significant offensive threat. There are only six Alabama players with more TDs than Allen. Relying on a non-offensive TD isn’t exactly the most sound way to manufacture points but at this point do we have any reason to doubt Bama? They’ve found a way to weaponize a defensive tackle and turn him into a scoring threat, so clearly they can do no wrong.