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This record shows just how quickly Oregon and Stanford fell off a cliff

Life comes at you fast.

Oregon v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Things are not great for either Stanford or Oregon. There is no doubt that the two teams have struggled so far this season, but when you put it into context, it drives home just how much they’ve dropped off, and how quickly.

The Ducks are 0-4 in conference play, while the Cardinal are 2-3.

Stanford is averaging 11 points in their last four games. Meanwhile Washington and Washington State are undefeated in conference play and Colorado only has one loss.

Today’s Buff win over Stanford was a 10-5 rock fight in which Stanford mustered 263 yards of total offense and four turnovers. Three interceptions and a fumble for Ryan Burns stopped any offensive momentum in its tracks. The lone bright spot may have been Christian McCaffrey’s return. It wasn’t great, but he did get 92 yards and 4.4 yards-per-rush after returning from an undisclosed injury.

Oregon went down 21-0 early in the second quarter on Friday night against Cal, and although they battled back, the Ducks still lost in overtime 52-49. The only people happy about this result outside of Cal fans were bettors across the country who had the historic over.

It doesn’t matter how close things are if the final score still doesn’t go your way. Neither of the former Pac-12 North big boys on the block are forces to be reckoned with anymore. In the blink of an eye, they’ve rocketed from the penthouse to the outhouse.