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A TCU player was choked on the field by his own chin strap, but he’s OK

This is some scary stuff.

There was a a frightening moment during TCU’s 34-10 loss to No. 12 West Virginia on Saturday afternoon in Morgantown. TCU defensive tackle Aaron Curry was on the field when it appeared that he started to get choked by his own helmet chin strap and was unable to get it off by himself.

You can see his teammates, an opposing player, a TCU staffer, and even a referee attempting to help Curry get it unstrapped.

According to USA Today’s Nicole Auerbach, Curry is doing fine, per a TCU team official, which is obviously some very good news.

The junior defensive tackle has played in all seven games for the Horned Frogs this season, and has 29 total tackles along with 4.5 sacks so far this year.