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This ODU-WKU fight was so confusing, the refs gave both entire teams unsportsmanlike penalties

That’s innovative.

Western Kentucky and Old Dominion are playing a Conference USA game Saturday night. Things have gotten quite testy in Bowling Green.

The Hilltoppers are crushing the Monarchs, and blood clearly started to boil. This ruckus started when a WKU player got tangled up in a mass of humanity on ODU’s sideline, and then everyone was involved. Here’s a wider angle:

It’s hard to see what was going on here, so officials on the field came up with an innovative way to deliver justice. They assessed team-wide unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to both WKU and ODU, in addition to throwing ODU’s Jamshyer McUmber (No. 16 in white) out of the game.

Serious footbrawls have been pretty rare this season, at least at the FBS level. This is all somewhat confusing, but what started as a single red shirt among a whole lot of white shirts became a teams-wide fracas that might result in further discipline for several parties involved.