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Frank Caliendo ran through 9 funny impressions while making his ‘College GameDay’ picks

I didn’t expect to laugh at this, but life is full of pleasant surprises!

That was comedian and Fox NFL Sunday impressions man Frank Caliendo sprinting through Morgan Freeman, Jon Gruden, Al Pacino, Charles Barkley, Mel Kiper, emergency Lou Holtz, George W. Bush, John Madden, and Stephen A. Smith while making his Saturday picks for College GameDay at Washington-Utah.

(He’s from Chicago and Wisconsin, not Utah. The show kind of did away with the hometown-folks angle a while back. Sometimes, at least.)

And while I initially agreed with my friend here ...

... I have to say Caliendo was pretty funny. He’s good at impressions. This is probably not a controversial take where you come from, but I’m from the internet, where it’s not ok to just up and call things good.

Doing pretty good impressions is funny. I’m sorry to have to admit this online.