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ESPN picked up Michigan State fans chanting 'F*** Jim Harbaugh'

Naughty words from Sparty folks.

Rivalry brings out the best in folks, doesn’t it? On TV, it was clearly audible that Michigan State fans were displeased by the mere existence of Jim Harbaugh in East Lansing:

Michigan State fans don’t like Harbaugh, and that’s fair. He gets the lion’s share of media attention in the sport, and in one season in Ann Arbor, he has done less than their beloved Spartans. Not only did Sparty beat the Wolverines last season, albeit on a miracle, but the Spartans also made it to the playoff and the Wolverines did not. It’s understandable that they’re a little sick of him.

The chant apparently happened earlier in the game as well.

Late in the first half, after a penalty call the crowd didn’t agree with, an audible “bullshit” could be heard from Spartan fans as well.

I always laugh, because as careful as network censors try to be with their audio dumps, sometimes things like this slip through the cracks. Maybe someone will talk about Spartan fans needing to be #classy or clutch pearls and “think of the children,” but it’s just fans being fans and adds more color to a rivalry that has plenty of it.