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Former Longhorn Jermichael Finley is 'Hot Seat Charlie Strong' for Halloween

Finley adds fuel to what’s a crazy time at Texas.

When former Texas TE Jermichael Finley goes trick-or-treating this weekend, he may be getting a buyout’s worth of candy.

Finley wore a costume that has him impersonating Strong (with signature fully buttoned polo) in a trash can with “the inevitable?” written on it. Clearly a nod to the nature of the coaching rumors in Austin.

The Packers’ TE played for Texas from 2005-2007 and enjoyed the Longhorns’ most recent glory days. He redshirted during the national championship year of 2005, and in just two seasons in Austin broke the school record for receiving yards by a tight end.

This week, Strong reportedly met with athletic director Mike Perrin in a private meeting.

For their part, the school denies this happened.

Despite what happened, the rumors swirling are having a negative effect on the recruiting trail, and this week was just another on a long list.

This week, our Steven Godfrey posited that maybe the two just aren’t that good of a fit because of the type of culture Strong prefers around his program.

Locking out the world and focusing on your team means losing opportunities to build equity among powerful people in the vast Texas booster-sphere. Granted, that equity usually comes via pains in the ass and meddlesome money men with gross senses of entitlement, but hey, that’s college football.

There’s no doubt things are getting worse at Texas, whether Finley is serious about wanting Strong gone or not.