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LOL this FSU fan just left a Clemson fan's high five hanging

He wanted zero part of this.

No. 3 Clemson took a 14-0 lead over No. 12 Florida State in the first quarter Saturday night in Tallahassee, and ‘Noles fans everywhere were not pleased. But perhaps the most unhappy FSU fan was one in particular that was caught on ABC’s cameras during the game. A Clemson fan in the stands at Doak Campbell Stadium hilariously tried to high-five a garnet and gold clad fan sitting nearby. The gesture was not warmly received by the ‘Nole fan, as expected.

My favorite part about this is even after rejection, the Clemson bro leaves his hand up. You know, just in case the FSU fan maybe changed his mind. Hey, you gotta salute Clemson bro’s optimism in life, right?

We’ve had awkward rival fan interactions during this college football season in weeks past. Earlier this month, Michigan beat Rutgers so badly — 74-0, mind you — that a Michigan fan embraced a Rutgers fan after the Scarlet Knights got their first first down of the night in the fourth quarter.

Nothing brings people together like college football, am I right?