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Political ad compares candidate to failed Tennessee coach ... again

If you’re trying to say your opponent didn’t get the job done, that’ll do it.

By most metrics, former Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley was a failure. Depending on who you ask, State House candidate Gloria Johnson is as well.

The message isn’t terribly convoluted. Dooley went 15-21 as head coach of the Vols and besides sweet pants, didn’t do much to be remembered in a positive light. In the conference where it #justmeansmore, conflating a failed football coach with a politician you’re trying to smear is apparently fair game.

It’s not a unique thing to do to Johnson. In the 2014 election, she was compared to Lane Kiffin.

It was current then because Kiffin had only nine months before dipped out as coach of the Vols in a bizarre turn of events.

Perhaps a more current approach would be to point out how Butch Jones has struggled under the weight of expectations as Tennessee heads to another sub-standard season. The ship looks like it’s truly falling apart after a loss to Will Muschamp’s South Carolina Gamecocks.

As long as the Vols struggle on the field there will be ammo to fire at those running for office in the Volunteer state.