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Let's always cherish that moment when we thought Notre Dame-Texas meant something

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This was 29 days ago:

Notre Dame has since lost to Michigan State and Duke, neither of which is up to recent standards.

Texas has lost at Cal and Oklahoma State, and no one knows what to make of either of those.

Both teams have since replaced their defensive coordinators (Notre Dame fired Brian VanGorder, and Strong took duties from Vance Bedford).

Strong is on the hot seat again, not even a month after being carried off the field. Even a win over rival Oklahoma would only be one step toward fixing that.

The Irish, who started at No. 10 in the AP preseason poll, are in real danger of missing a bowl game.

The Longhorns, who vaulted to No. 11 after beating those Irish, have swung realistic final expectations from an ehhh Big 12 bowl to the Playoff and back to an ehhh Big 12 bowl, all in the course of a month.

And you know what? This is all fine, other than for Texas people and Notre Dame people.

Notre Dame-Texas was great, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Week 1 games will always promise more long-term information than they can actually deliver, and that's fine, too.

And hey, maybe both teams get hot and finish ranked! That could happen! Where are you going?

It wasn't just this year. Week 1 always tells wonderful lies. Last year, it was Ohio State running a layup line on Virginia Tech, then electing to use only half an offense for a couple months. The year before, it was Texas A&M's Kenny Hill ringing up South Carolina and earning vibrant nicknames, weeks before getting benched and months before transferring.

Next year, I hope we're all bouncing off the walls after Alabama-Florida State in Week 1, whether Lane Kiffin's victory means anything or not. (I will not reveal which team Kiffin will be coaching in that game.)

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