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People in Ohio like the University of Michigan more than they like Donald Trump, per poll

Or, as Urban Meyer and Woody Hayes would call it, That School Up North.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It turns out Ohio prefers maize-and-blue to red-and-orange.

Residents of the Buckeye State have a more favorable opinion of the University of Michigan, Ohio State's biggest football rival, than of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to Public Policy Polling findings released on Thursday. The margin is 48 percent for Michigan and 33 percent for Trump.

The organization surveyed 782 likely Ohio voters. It didn't specify that the University of Michigan meant only the Wolverines, and it didn't only poll Ohio State fans, though OSU dominates the state.

The Buckeyes have also dominated that series lately, winning 11 of the last 12 games, perhaps empowered by Ohio Republican governor John Kasich proclaiming bans on the letter M and Jim Harbaugh-style khakis.

In other news from the poll, the swing state's residents say overwhelmingly that Ohio State would beat the Cleveland Browns head to head. Those of us who aren’t from Ohio probably think that’s impossible, but living so close to the Browns for so long could lead anyone to a different conclusion.

Ohioans also love LeBron James, who enjoys 60 percent favorability (against just 18 percent unfavorables) even after endorsing Hillary Clinton this week. Even Trump voters still like him, with 45-29 favorability among them.