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The Miami Hurricanes' throwback uniforms are too good to wear just once, and the Canes agree

The U is gonna look like The U again, as of right now.

Miami Hurricanes nostalgia is a powerful thing. And with the football team 4-0 under head coach and alumnus Mark Richt heading into a primetime game at home against rival Florida State (8 p.m. ET, ABC), there's no better time for the Canes to go ahead and start dressing like The U again.

These are debuting Saturday night, and they're not alternates. These are Miami's new uniforms.

A couple weeks later, the Canes will debut the road version:

Gone are the various complicated stripes and mix of fonts that have defined Miami's uniforms in recent years ...

... and only a pattern on the home jerseys and some modernizations really distinguish the new unis from the '80s and '90s classics.

Miami recently switched from Nike to Adidas, and while that felt like a foreboding move from a design perspective, Adidas has been delivering quality all season long, including these Indiana alternates and these Louisville alternates.

Taking Miami back to basics was a smart move. As ESPN's proved by recently announced its third 30 for 30 on the vintage Canes, people really can't get enough old Miami stuff.

The university itself is all in on the throwback vibe, with its social media accounts going all retro as well:

Imagine Alabama, Ohio State, or USC spending a decade or two with constantly changing uniforms, then going back to what works. That's how this feels for a whole generation of college football fans.