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Texas A&M fans' 'College GameDay' signs had fun at Charlie Strong's expense

The Aggies aren’t even playing Texas on Saturday, but alas.

ESPN’s College GameDay is live from College Station, Texas for No. 8 Texas A&M vs. No. 9 Tennessee, but based on the signs, you’d think the Aggies were playing Texas on Saturday. This week’s batch of signs had several that were directed towards Longhorn head coach Charlie Strong. For example, this one, to start things off.

Photo via @Jetthro_/Twitter
Photo via @Jetthro_/Twitter

We’re not so sure this one was sincere, but ...

Photo via @Jetthro_/Twitter

Oh, a somewhat positive Strong sign! In a way!

Here’s one making fun of the multiple times Strong has been carried off the field after upset wins, only to end up on the hot seat again weeks later:

There’s obviously a lot of criticism surrounding Strong and the Longhorns’ team, which is 2-2 so far on the season. However ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, during a segment discussing UT football, made some strong comments regarding what will happen to Strong if he is let go at Texas. He even went so far as to call Austin a “cesspool.”

Anyway, back to GameDay signs! We aren’t done with the Texas-themed ones, yet.

There were others, though!

Oh, and a quality SpongeBob SquarePants reference here.

Which one is your favorite?