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Lee Corso brought to tears during 'College GameDay' by tributes and chanting fans

We love you coach Corso.

A college Saturday does not start until Lee Corso says so, and he says so by putting on a mascot head. After that, games can start and we can enjoy this great sport. This Saturday, College GameDay ran a fantastic supercut of Corso moments throughout the years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of him first donning a mascot head.

After the video, Corso was brought to tears as the Texas A&M crowd chanted his name. The emotion is real because of the connection Corso has with all of us.

Corso brought to tears on College GameDay

A tribute and chanting fans had Lee Corso in tears on air. He's a special part of our Saturdays! ❤️

Posted by SB Nation College Football on Saturday, October 8, 2016

“[M]ost of all, thanks to the fans for having so much fun with me,” Corso said.

His partners on set gave him thanks, I’m sure fans in the crowd shouted thanks, but I’d also like to tell him thanks. I’ve been in the crowd on a Saturday morning as it builds toward the moment Corso puts on the head. It’s special, but even moreso because it’s our moment. A time that is uniquely a staple of college football. Since Texas A&M doesn’t have a mascot suit, Corso spent his time with a stand-in for Reveille, the beloved live mascot in College Station.

Corso does it for us because he’s one of us. A guy who loves the game and shares our joy every Saturday in the fall.

Thanks, coach.