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Ranking the 9 best bloopers from the Notre Dame-NC State hurricane game


LSU vs. Florida was postponed because Gainesville was expected to be hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, but that didn’t stop NC State and Notre Dame from continuing to play in Raleigh, N.C.

The whole game looked like one big blooper reel of what could have been a football game, so I’m ranking the shots.

9. This “slide tackle”

NC State’s Matthew Dayes slid almost a whole body length. The rain made the defense’s job too easy.

8. This collision.

Honestly, this is almost beautiful. Like a poem about a train wreck.

7. These fans

No one ever said NC State fans weren’t loyal.

6. This mess of a play.

Really, I don’t even know. This looks like a scene from 300, somehow.

5. This “snap”

Where is the ball?

4. And this one.

I don’t think that can even be blamed on the rain. That was just careless.

3. This other tackle.

Take a moment to look at the track this leaves on the field. That’s all standing water.

2. The only touchdown.

This wasn’t until the fourth quarter, by the way.

1. This win celebration by NC State!

Look at them go!

But really, were there any real winners here? Hurricane Matthew, maybe.