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Texas A&M player waves goodbye to Tennessee player ejected for targeting

Bye bye.

What’s a Saturday without a little targeting fiasco?

Tennessee’s Nigel Warrior leveled this big block on Texas A&M’s Cullen Gillaspia, and Warrior was subsequently ejected for targeting. Gillaspia, a former walk-on, wears No. 12 to signify the 12th man, a storied Texas A&M tradition.

For a refresher on college football’s favorite penalty, specifically how it pertains in the above example:

No player shall target and make forcible contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. ... When in question, it is a foul.

Mr. Gillaspia bid Mr. Warrior a pleasant adieu as the Vols DB was escorted off of the field, the other result of being charged with the penalty.

Earlier in the game, Gillaspia leveled this huge hit on Tennessee DB Evan Berry and it looked like borderline targeting.

The hit forced Berry out of the game and he is not expected to return. Clearly Tennessee fans were not happy with Gillaspia to begin with, and this just made matters worse.