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Colorado just fooled USC with this gorgeous, 67-yard, double-pass touchdown

The Buffs are a fun time this year. This long TD is the latest example.

Colorado got into a 14-0 hole in its game against USC on Saturday and eventually lost, but the Buffaloes decided to find the scoreboard for the first time with one of the season's more enjoyable and well-executed trick plays.

This isn't anything that hasn't been done before, either at the college or pro level. But there's an elegant simplicity to the entire idea, and Colorado worked it to perfection.

The Buffs started the play with quarterback Steven Montez throwing what looked like a run-of-the-mill screen pass to receiver Bryce Bobo. But that pass was really a lateral, and when the entire USC defense got moving against the ball, Bobo stepped into a deep throw to running back Phillip Lindsay.

The Trojans completely bit on it, and the Buffs were rewarded with one of the year's most picturesque touchdowns.

Bobo's been involved in at least one other lovely play this year. Here was his game-winning touchdown catch against Oregon a few weeks ago, which was obscene: