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Navy's coach just wants to frolic in celebration, but he's wrangled by the headset guy

May we all get to be this happy about something in our lives.

Navy just got its first top-10 win since 1984, upsetting No. 6 Houston in Annapolis and almost definitely knocking the Cougars out of the College Football Playoff. It was a big day for the Midshipmen, and head coach Ken Niumatalolo was every bit as excited as one would expect, given the circumstances.

This visual is of Niumatalolo running onto the field just as Navy had finished off the win. And the gentleman running along with him appears to be an operations staffer for Navy, whose responsibilities include the maintenance of the headset apparatus the coach uses to communicate during the game with the rest of his staff.

Shouts to the staffer for being highly diligent about keeping track of Navy's electronics, and shouts to the head coach for not caring about his headset pack in the slightest. That's what this sport's about.

In sadder news, here is a Houston player getting stuck in Navy's on-field celebration.

Bless him.