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Rutgers’ attempt to tackle Jabrill Peppers went as well as you'd expect

If only this play had counted.

Public Service Announcement: Don’t try and arm tackle Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers. In the first quarter of Michigan vs. Rutgers, Peppers fielded a Rutgers punt from the 45-yard line. Peppers then proceeded to return it, and he showed off exactly why he was the No. 1 ATH in the class of 2014 as a recruit in high school.

Let’s take into account that Peppers was able to dodge and juke a total of five Rutgers tacklers, and still maintained to rapidly accelerate up the field. Unfortunately for Michigan fans, the touchdown was called back for a block in the back by Michigan. Still, it’s a pretty amazing play from Peppers here, who is a frightening player to have to defend on special teams. For instance, he can do insane things like this:

We’ll continue to keep you updated on Peppers doing ridiculous things such as these on special teams.