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This Arkansas lineman shoving down on Jalen Hurts' neck looks really unsafe

Dangerous? Yeah, probably. Unnecessary? Sure thing.

No. 1 Alabama is destroying Arkansas on Saturday night. Maybe the Razorbacks are just angry, or maybe Hogs lineman JaMichael Winston wasn't thinking at all. I don't know, but this is a bad look all around:

No flag was thrown.

During the third quarter, Alabama freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts was hit as he threw and let loose an interception to Arkansas' Dwayne Eugene. While Hurts was on the ground after he threw, Winston decided to keep him there by, as it appears, applying pressure to the back of Hurts' neck and pinning him to the ground, while he was as vulnerable as could be.

Arkansas' blue-collar playing style, a pride point under head coach Bret Bielema, is lovable and charming. But this isn't that. It's a lousy thing that could've injured one of college football's most enjoyable young players to watch, and there's no reason it was necessary given the context of the play.