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Angry Miami Hurricanes fans threw so much trash in the end zone, it delayed the game

Hurricane fans were upset after a targeting call on Miami’s Jamal Carter.

Stay classy, Miami fans. In the fourth quarter of Florida State vs. Miami, Hurricanes defender Jamal Carter was called for targeting on ‘Noles wide receiver Kermit Whitfield late in the fourth quarter.

The targeting call was reviewed and upheld, which caused the uproar from a certain contingent of Hurricanes fans. Miami fans were so upset, they started throwing trash on their own end zone, causing the game itself to be delayed.

Here’s the play that caused such a reaction from Canes fans. It does appear to be a defensible targeting call, as the defender led with the crown of his helmet and hit a defenseless receiver in the head or neck area.

Florida State’s Twitter account cleverly responded to the incident.

As ABC’s Chris Fowler pointed out, the crowd at that point in the game seemed reminiscent of the ones we knew from the 1980s in the old Orange Bowl Stadium.