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This Utah interception against Arizona happens in slow motion, and it's awesome

OK, Utes.

Maybe it's because the replay I watched was in actual slow motion, but this Utah interception against Arizona on Saturday night (or Sunday morning, depending on your time zone) feels like it unfolds in slow motion.

That's Utah safety Chase Hansen sticking an Arizona receiver with a completely clean hit, which jars the ball loose and gets us going on this fascinating journey that ends in an interception. The ball chills for a second on Hansen's back, then the receiver inadvertently volleys it upward with his leg. Safety partner Marcus Williams has a good eye and scoops the ball up with one hand before it hits the ground, completing a circuitous but beautiful interception.

Different degree of difficulty and circumstances, obviously, but this kind of reminds me of an interception Troy Polamalu made for the Steelers in a playoff game against the Chargers, years ago. Something about diving, scooping interceptions is just so much fun.