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This Bama corner picked off so many passes, his return yardage would've been a good day for a WR

Maybe just don’t throw his way.

Minkah Fitzpatrick had himself a day against Arkansas. He had three catches, scored a touchdown, and had 114 yards. He was Alabama’s second-leading receiver and only 25 WRs in all of college football had a more prolific Week 6.

Here’s the thing though: Fitzpatrick’s a cornerback.

His three picks were just some of the five turnovers Arkansas had in the 49-30 beating at the hands of the Crimson Tide.

Fitzpatrick did most of the damage on this 100-yard return for a score and thwarted any hopes of an Arkansas comeback.

The NCAA doesn’t give credit for the extra 7 yards Fitzpatrick ran in his own end zone (rude), but it’s still impressive.

Fitzpatrick set an Alabama record with the return, a mark that’s stood since 1991. The former record holder, Mark McMillian, recognized real upon learning his mark had been broken.