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Former Boston College coach, mid-blowout: ‘Let me know when you want to be relevant again!’

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Would BC fans welcome this guy back?

ACC Football Championship - Boston College Eagles v Virginia Tech Hokies
Jagodzinski in the 2008 ACC Championship
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Friday night, No. 18 Florida State walked on Boston College, 45-7, dropping the Eagles to 4-6 after a 3-9 2015 under Steve Addazio. Early in the fourth quarter, former head coach Jeff Jagodzinski, most recently Georgia State’s assistant head coach, tweeted this:

At the time of that tweet, Boston College was down by 35 points and had not yet recorded 100 yards in the game. The Eagles would finish with all of 146, which isn’t even their lowest total of the year (124 against Virginia Tech).

BC’s recent strength, the defense, has also given out as the schedule’s toughened, allowing 45 or more points to four different conference opponents. Those opponents are all ranked at the moment, to be fair. But still.

In 2007 and 2008, Jags piled up a 20-8 record as BC’s head coach, which included its first top-10 finish since 1984. A former NFL assistant, he was fired after interviewing for the New York Jets job, after being warned against doing so.

No, seriously, BC fired a successful head coach because he had interest in an NFL job. That happened.

Jagodzinski accepted an invitation to interview for the position of head coach with the Jets, which troubled the college's athletic director, Gene DeFilippo. When Jagodzinski defied his boss and met with the Jets, he was fired. Worse for him, the Jets opted for Rex Ryan.

Without specifying how, Jagodzinski said he would handle the situation differently today. (His wife attributed the breakup to two competitive men stubbornly holding their ground. "Cooler heads should have prevailed," she said.)

Since then, the Eagles promoted defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani, who went 22-29, and hired Addazio from Temple, who’s gone 21-27.

Jagodzinski hasn’t been part of a winning FBS program since leaving BC. Newer program Georgia State improved to 6-7 last year but is 2-7 so far this year.