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Washington fans still WANT BAMA, according to ‘College GameDay’ signs

This has often turned out poorly.

Way back in Week 1, when preseason No. 14 Washington was beating lowly Rutgers pretty badly:

(At the time, many UW fans claimed the sign was Photoshopped, but other images taken before the game and inside the stadium showed it was definitely real.)

Saturday in Seattle, where the No. 4 Huskies were hosting College GameDay ahead of a game against No. 20 USC, business picked back up.

There were a few like this:

And from the day prior:

And at one point, a “WE WANT BAMA” chant broke out.

Everybody had the same reaction, as usual:

“We want Bama” is a college football meme that translates in funny ways to the real world. For years, fans have been holding up signs and chanting about wanting Bama, whether they really do or not.

Sometimes it’s serious, like when Mizzou fans chanted it after winning the SEC East (and before losing to Bama).

Often, it’s not.

And sometimes, it gets tweaked, like by this Mizzou fan during a season that certainly did not involve winning the SEC East:

So anyway, good luck, Washington! If the season ended right now, you’d be playing Bama in the Playoff.