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Green Bay Packers DB Jaire Alexander adorably pranced around a Wake Forest player while losing 12-3

Be mad if you want, but don’t say it’s not funny.

With the possible exception of the time Randy Moss fake-mooned all those people at Lambeau Field, I’ve never seen funnier sports taunting than this.

Louisville was losing at home to Wake Forest, 12-3. But the Cardinals had just stopped the Demon Deacons on a fourth-down conversion try, and defensive back Jaire Alexander was an excited guy. So he lurked behind Wake’s Scotty Washington for a second, and then he started prancing. Prancing! Speaking of Lambeau Field, that’s where Alexander will play his NFL football after being selected by the Packers at No. 18.

Almost definitely, this should have drawn an unsportsmanlike conduct flag. The rulebook says “any delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which a player attempts to focus attention upon himself” is not allowed. If you want to throw cold water on this hilarious act, that’s OK. It’s your choice. I won’t begrudge you.

But this is funny, and the world needs funny things, perhaps now more than ever. Alexander’s willingness to literally prance at an opponent while losing 12-3 to Wake Forest is bold. Maybe it was dumb. But it was definitely enjoyable. Here’s hoping we get some more prancing with the Packers.