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Please pray for Adoree' Jackson's ankles after this vicious Washington juke

John Ross gave USC’s star corner a rude treatment.

USC and No. 4 Washington are playing a good one on Saturday night (on FOX). The Trojans had a 17-6 lead at the half, but nobody figured the Huskies would go quietly into the night. To that end, here’s UW receiver John Ross, at the top of your screen:

Look at what happens to USC cornerback Adoree’ Jackson (No. 2 in white, on the left) when Ross starts inside against him and then moves outside. It’s just devastating.

Jackson is one of the most athletic defenders in the country, who can do things with his body that most mortals couldn’t even dream up. He’s a stud.

But Ross took three steps off the line of scrimmage, took off, and basically juked Jackson into the Upside Down. By the time USC’s stud corner gathered himself, Ross was 10 yards clear of him, well on his way to a 70-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Jake Browning. The move was, in a word, vicious.

Ross is one of the most exciting athletes in the sport. Jackson is, too. It’s clear enough who got the better of this particular moment. But there’s no need to weep for Jackson, a godly talent who recovered minutes later to block a field goal. He’s fine.