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Hawaii’s coach was so mad at his team, he took away its benches

That’s one way to fire up your troops, maybe. Or to make them more tired and angry.

Hawaii had a pretty bad game on Saturday. The Rainbow Warriors had been down, 35-3, at halftime against Boise State in a game they’d eventually lose 52-16. And to express his displeasure, Hawaii coach Nick Rolovich resorted to drastic measures.

That is right. Rolovich ordered his team’s benches removed from the sidelines, relegating his players to either stand up, sit on their helmets, plop down on the ground, or jockey for one of the few remaining chairs on the sideline. He had no interest in allowing his players to sit on something as luxurious as benches.

I am not a professional motivator of men, so I can’t be definitive that this was a dumb idea. But Hawaii isn’t that talented a team, and Boise State is one of the best Group of 5 teams in the country. The way to beat Boise State is to recruit better players, not to force the ones you have to sit on the turf instead of on benches.