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Western Michigan’s best ‘College GameDay’ signs want that *other* undefeated team

The Broncos are enjoying the biggest spotlight in program history.

Western Michigan is hosting College GameDay in Week 12, the first time a MAC school’s pulled that off since 2003. WMU is one of the country’s two last undefeated FBS teams, along with Alabama, thanks to rising star head coach P.J. Fleck and a group of talented players.

The Broncos have a chance to win the MAC and barrel into the Cotton Bowl against a Power 5 opponent (they’ve already beaten two lesser Big Ten West teams this year), but WMU fans are setting their sights way higher.

“We want Bama” is a joke meme thing that pops up every week on GameDay, in crowds, and on social media, but when you’re 10-0 and favored by 35 points against your Week 12 opponent, Buffalo? Sure. Go for it.

Really go for it!

There were also jokes about head coach P.J. Fleck’s “Row The Boat” motivational phrase ...

... the name of WMU’s Waldo Stadium ...

... the weekly Harambe sign, in reference to the city of Kalamazoo ...

... and lots of scorn for the Playoff committee, which has the unbeaten midmajor ranked behind 19 teams with losses, including fellow midmajor Boise State:

West Virginia also caught a stray, since Buffalo-WMU took the GameDay honor over Oklahoma-WVU and Washington State-Colorado (That’s Steve Harvey saying, “College GameDay this week will be at ... West Virginia.”):


Really a lot of Bama stuff, though:

This sign is very good:

And finally, a fact about a famous actor’s time in Kalamazoo: