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We had some serious Big Ten snow at Indiana-Michigan

Football weather!

Michigan beat Indiana in Ann Arbor this Saturday, and they had to play in some pretty nasty conditions. Snow was falling lightly throughout the game, but late in the game, it got real heavy, making visibility on the field essentially nonexistent. Some people in Michigan’s press box began tweeting pictures and videos of the conditions, and I mean look at this stuff.

Some of the Michigan fans in the stands looked just a tad bit chilly, especially this UM Storm Trooper.

After the game, some of the Michigan cheerleaders had some fun with the on-field conditions, because sure, why not?

As a girl born in Florida and currently living in the south, this makes me a little jealous that snow is a distant possibility. But playing football in this stuff is probably a challenge, as one can imagine.

The snow didn’t affect Michigan too much in the second half — Indiana kept things interesting early in the game, taking a 7-3 lead in the second quarter. Michigan had a big third quarter, scoring 17 points. The last two touchdowns gave the Wolverines the 20-10 victory.

Shoutout to Mother Nature for giving us some fun football conditions.