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Why Oklahoma State put 11-2 on its 2016 bowl rings despite going 10-3

Mike Gundy has a legit gripe with one of OSU’s losses, so he refuses to acknowledge it.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State Mike Gundy has a beautiful mullet. That wonderful haircut serves as a helmet to shield him from one element of reality. The Cowboys’ Alamo Bowl rings include “11-2,” which was not the team’s official record.

“You don’t get to 10 wins very often, and double digits is a pretty special place to be,” Gundy said after Oklahoma State beat TCU.

Oklahoma State was not 10-1 at the time of Gundy’s quote; it was 9-2. The Pokes later finished 10-3, not 11-2. The Cowboys had fallen to Central Michigan way back in Week 2. There was controversy at the end, because the Chippewas did this on an untimed down after time expired:

It literally should not have happened. Even the head ref that day admitted that the game was extended in error. That whole crew was suspended the day after the game too.

But Gundy had a friend in rival coach Bob Stoops.

Although as Oklahoma beat OSU, a Sooner showed up with a reminder of the Cowboys’ dubious L.

Gundy’s still so unhappy about the unfair result, he’s said he should’ve just stripped out of his clothes on the field in protest.