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Jim Harbaugh threw a tantrum, smashed his headset, and gave Ohio State crucial yards

Things have officially heated up in Columbus.

With 90 seconds left in the third quarter of Saturday’s Michigan–Ohio State game, Jim Harbaugh went berserk on the UM sideline.

Michigan’s defensive line had just gotten flagged for going offsides on a play where Harbaugh apparently felt Ohio State had false started. (The video showed it was the correct call on Michigan.) Harbaugh even broke his headset.

Officials penalized Harbaugh — or “the Michigan bench” — for unsportsmanlike conduct, after a buildup of a few officiating decisions Harbaugh didn’t like.

The false start moved Ohio State from Michigan’s 13-yard line to the 8, and the unsportsmanlike flag put the Buckeyes on the 4 — half the distance to the goal line. Mike Weber scored a touchdown for Ohio State two plays later, cutting Michigan’s lead to 17-14.

And it became even more of an integral play in the proceedings given the fact that Ohio State ended up winning the game.

Harbaugh gets angry and plays for the kill even in blowout games against non-rivals. Watching him in a tight game against Ohio State is a different experience altogether.

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The headset wiring was a casualty then, as was Harbaugh’s jacket.

Harbaugh’s bombastic sideline demeanor is sometimes endearing, but in this case it helped his biggest rival score a key touchdown in the biggest game of the year. He’d probably rather have that one back.