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Lamar Jackson struck a Heisman pose, then fumbled and lost to Kentucky

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Here's a pretty ugly loss to a huge rival underdog.

No. 11 Louisville was struggling with Kentucky on Saturday. But things looked OK when Lamar Jackson, in his last game before bowl season, ran in for a touchdown and struck a Heisman Trophy pose. After all, he is the Heisman favorite.

That tied the game at 38 in the fourth quarter. Louisville still had work to do, obviously, but you would reasonably guess that the No. 11 team in the country would be able to outplay lesser rival Kentucky for the remaining 7:44 on the clock.

If you guessed that, you were wrong. With the score still tied, Jackson fumbled on UK’s 10-yard line with less than two minutes to play. The Wildcats took the ball and drove downfield, setting up a game-winning field goal try for kicker Austin MacGinnis. And from 47 yards, MacGinnis delivered, giving UK a 41-38 edge with 12 seconds left.

Jackson didn’t have enough time to answer. His team lost to a 27-point road underdog, and the certainty that surrounded Jackson's Heisman candidacy is now more tenuous.