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Stanford's crowd for a cupcake game in November is virtually nonexistent

Stanford is playing Rice for its final home game of the season.

It’s Rivalry Week, and if you’re a Stanford fan, you get to watch your team face off against ... Rice. Yes, instead of ending the season with, say, a conference team like UCLA (Stanford plays Cal earlier in the year, and doesn’t play Notre Dame in Rivalry Weekend when that game’s in South Bend), Stanford scheduled a game against Rice for the final home game of the season.

As a result, the crowd at Stanford Stadium is, well, barely there.

It’s a little interesting for Stanford to be playing Rice this week, because since 2011 Stanford has ended the season with games against Notre Dame, UCLA, or USC.

But, there is a reason for this weird Rivalry Week opponent. In 2015, Stanford announced that there were changes to the schedule that were being made. Rice’s game for 2016 was originally set for Sept. 3. But that was moved thanks to Stanford’s scheduling of Kansas State on that Friday evening of opening weekend.

Rice will host Stanford on Sept. 2 to begin the 2017 season and complete the home-and-home series.