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Colorado had a massive field storm after clinching the Pac-12 South

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What a Saturday night for the Colorado Buffaloes.

No. 9 CU beat Utah to lock down the Pac-12 South, a first football divisional title since joining the league in 2011. It’s a shocking turn for a program that was pretty down in the dumps at the start of Mike MacIntyre’s tenure and one that, now, is one game away from the Rose Bowl. The Buffs deserve a party, so they had one on the field.

Some scenes!


Here’s the moment when they started taking the field:

Zoomin’ out:


And zoomin’ out a liiiitttttle bit further at Folsom Field:

A pretty impressive showing. The stadium only holds about 54,000, and it looks like a pretty huge chunk of them filled up the field.

PAC-12 Championship here we come!!! #cubuffs #boulder #football #therise #buffaloes #colorado

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Bring on the Huskies!!! #southdivisionchamps

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People really wanted a piece of Buffs QB Sefo Liufau, but his security guard pulled off a brilliant maneuver to keep Liufau out of hands’ way.

Not that Boulder ever really needs an excuse to go wild, but if anyone did, this game was a pretty good one. And the Buffs are pretty good, too.