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Nick Saban almost cried when a player got a surprise visit from his mom, who was on active duty

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He does have a heart, we promise.

Senior day festivities are always filled with nice moments for players and their families. The players get salutes from the crowd, and parents get a picture they can hang in the house forever. But Alabama’s senior day had extra meaning when walk-on running back Lawrence Erekosima got a visit from his mother, who came home early from a military tour of duty in Kuwait to surprise her son.

Previously when Nick Saban exhibited human-like qualities: the time he reached out to an Arkansas lineman who lost his father at a young age, just like he did.

In all seriousness, we have a lot of fun with Saban’s robotic personality. But he’s a human just like the rest of us, and he was as touched by the pregame moment as anyone else.

“He’s a fine young man that’s been in our program for a long time,” Saban said. “I have a special place in my heart for all the guys – all the star players get a big ovation, they get to play, they get accolades, they get nominated for awards. A lot of those guys, they play their game on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, helping the rest of the players get ready for the game. And Lawrence is one of those guys that has done a phenomenal job here. He’s had some ups and downs, been injured, came back. But for his mother to be able to come today almost made me cry.”