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Michigan and Ohio State fans are analyzing the hell out of that controversial play

As you can see here, there are definitely many images on the internet showing parts of this play.

In a watershed moment of human history, fans of Michigan and Ohio State disagree about something.

This time, it’s about J.T. Barrett’s whisker-close, double-overtime fourth-down conversion in Saturday’s epic iteration of The Game, which gave OSU the last chance it needed to win the game.

It was called on the field as a first down, and on the next play, Ohio State scored the walkoff winner.

The play looked like it was too close to reverse, and replay didn’t give us any indisputable evidence that Barrett didn’t make the line to gain. But that didn’t stop fans from both factions from arguing about the unequivocal nature of the play.

Many fans are sending the same images over and over and over.

One has tweeted over 20 times a version of this zoomed-in shot.

But she’s definitely wrong, because this blown-up screenshot of an already blurry Snapchat clearly shows Barrett did not cross the line.

The actual Zapruder film wishes it would have this type of clear proof, with the help of MS paint.

I really appreciate the added production quality. It certainly adds clarity to this situation, which we lacked.

See, he didn’t get it if judging from the shot above.

But obviously, he did get it if you’re going on that shot.

Folks, it’s so vivid I’m not sure how you’re missing it.

How can there be any debate about this?

One fan used those same images for a four minute truther video.

Pay attention to the towel.

Actually, let’s blame ESPN.

(It is worth pointing out that the pesky yellow line skews the real line to gain. Since it was overtime, that line was the 15-yard line, not the yellow line.)

More clarity her,e though, because now we know the real line to gain. Now that we’ve figured that out it can easily be determined that Barrett didn’t get the first down.

The ass is the real giveaway here, though.

We do have high-res photos of someone’s butt, which means Barrett either got or didn’t get the first down, and either did or didn’t do it via posterior.

You can’t even see the line on that one, which is fine because he clearly got it because the ball is on the butt.

But as you can see here, the butt is short of the line to gain though, so he didn’t get it.

Perhaps Michigan fans should just act with more #class.

At least that’s what Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith says while joining in.

Twitter sleuths are also investigating the officials themselves.

The referees were in cahoots with the Buckeyes, according to many observers. Michigan quarterback Chase Winovich retweeted the following.

That’s why they flubbed the various pass interference close calls, and it gives perfect justification for Jim Harbaugh to be pissed at the zebras. The game was rigged, sheeple. Open your third eye to see that the Illuminati wanted Ohio State to win.

It goes even deeper.

An official at a game in Ohio is from Ohio. My God.

There you have it.

I have shown complete, clear, and concise evidence as to the direct result of J.T. Barrett’s fourth down play. As you can see here, either he made it or he didn’t.