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This Texas Tech-Texas touchdown was as wild as could be, but shouldn’t have counted

Watch all the way to the end.

You always have to hold onto the ball. Texas thought it had a touchdown, and a fairly bruising one at that. But Texas Tech’s Douglas Coleman literally steals this ball and takes it the other way for a 99-yard touchdown.

If you missed the strip, check it out in slow motion. D’Onta Foreman was millimeters away from having a TD, and might’ve had it, but that’s not the part that’s clearly off.

But then there’s this little matter: Coleman was out of bounds before he crossed into the end zone.

This ended up being pretty important, as Texas only won by a single TD, 45-37.

It was the longest fumble return ever for the Red Raiders, according to Fox’s Tim Brando. It would also be a record for the longest steal in the NBA if the league cared to record such things.

This play almost didn’t even count. Texas got set up in business by a long run by Foreman that got it into the red zone. Then Jerrod Heard threw a touchdown to TE Caleb Bluiett two plays before the steal play, but it was called back because of a chop block.

Just another day in the Big 12.