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Clemson linebacker pulls off a legit suplex on the field

That’s gonna leave a mark.

We need football refs to be much more like their counterparts in the WWE.

You see, in the WWE that’s totally legal. Hell, it’s even encouraged. But because football is no fun (or probably because people are concerned about player safety), this suplex ended up landing Clemson’s Ben Boulware a 15-yard penalty for a personal foul.

Now, Boulware has a history of using wrestling moves on the gridiron this season, and it isn’t good. During the Louisville game, he applied a chokehold to Cardinals’ QB Lamar Jackson.

But in the spirit of wrasslin’ moves coming to the football field, we’d much rather Boulware go the route of Jonathan Allen. The Alabama lineman hit a diving tackle that reminded us of Roman Reigns’ spear move, and was the right way to do something legal on both the football field and the squared circle.