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A fan threw a water bottle at Mizzou's QB, so he drank from it

Drew Lock shows off swag with this swig.

In the battle of the Columbias between Mizzou and South Carolina, Drew Lock wins the day without question.

When a bottle was fired at him from the stands, he stopped trotting off the field and simply took a swig.

We need to talk about the student that fired that bad boy from the crowd, and it was a pretty good throw given the fact that there’s no telling how high in the stands the bottle came from. South Carolina has really struggled at quarterback this season, and this individual might be worthy of a tryout with this type of arm-talent.

Then we have Mr. Lock. As the guys on TV were saying, he’s got a lot of guts to take that bottle to the mouth without any pause. You’ve got to feel very confident that it’s water and not, uh, something special in that bottle. He should be more careful about the things that pass his lips, given his coaches have been trying to get him to be more cognizant about what he eats and drinks.

Finally, to the trainers. Y’all gotta keep these boys hydrated! The man shouldn’t be so parched that he’ll drink literally anything that comes his way.