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Look at these Iowa and Penn State flags all mixed up during a traffic jam on the field

One of college football’s most common traditions is that when teams run onto the field before the game, their cheerleading teams lead the way with flags.

These are usually reasonably well-choreographed affairs. I have never cheer-led, but I imagine one of the things you’re supposed to avoid is RUNNING INTO THE OTHER TEAM’S CHEERLEADERS in the midst of your routine. And that takes us to State College, where Penn State’s and Iowa’s cheerleaders had a real conflict on Saturday night.


This was a veritable mix-up. Were words said between the flag bearers? I’m unsure, but I’m positive I’m going to spend the rest of the night dreaming up the kinds of conversations they might have had during this pile-up. Whether this was a fight or merely a collision does not matter. (For all we know, it was a collision.)

Here’s a video that doesn’t quite show the moment of impact but gives us a sense of how the flags’ paths collided. It must’ve been quite a scene, though I’m not sure how nobody foresaw this. Or maybe they did, and they just wanted the moment.

What a sport.